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Hola, Bienvenido!

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Nombre: Don Xom
Ciudad: Tres Cantos
Género: Hombre
Edad: 30

Un poco sobre mi :

I'm a active person that love learn new things, know new places, do exercise, work, walk with friends, large speak strolls ...

Now I leave all my things in Spain and I start to travel. This is my first travel alone (and my first real travel! Before I only did a few smalls travels in Europe).
I hope know a lot of people, exchange experiences and have a good time!!!

Que actividades me gustan o me gustaría practicar?

I like martial arts ( train traveling it's difficult but If I can practice I try to do It), run, swim, walk on the mountain and the nature. If I train a little every day I feel better :)

I want to learn yoga, tai chi, meditation, and all that can help me to know me.

I need to improve my english... my level it's no really good, and I want to learn more!! And I want to learn chinese... I know that it's difficult but I want to do it!!!

When I'm traveling I like learn history of the place, few words of the new language, or anything of the culture that host me. Know other people and other cultures make open your mind and it's very important for me do it (or try to do it)!!

Envíame un mensaje si...

Uhmsss... Just write me a message don't think about it!

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